Modern life and design in our historical American Foursquare home

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Thank you for visiting Rather Square! We (Laura and John) are are happy to share our adventures and challenges with our readers as we design and renovate our house.


Please be aware that we are not home improvement experts and that for many of our projects, we are learning as we go along. There are often many different approaches to consider when doing work on your home, and our methods may not be the right fit for everyone. This blog is for entertainment purposes only and we cannot be held responsible for your personal safety or the outcome of your home improvement undertakings.


All content is property and copyright of Rather Square. “Content” includes written material, photography, website design and graphic elements, etc. All content (except where noted) is original and produced by Laura and John and is all rights protected. Feel free to to use single images from RatherSquare.com as long as a credit and link are included to our website. Failure to link back and credit our site as the original source constitutes a violation of our copyright. Absolutely no content on this website may be used in bulk elsewhere (such as reproductions of post content, etc.) without express written permission. Under no circumstances do we permit verbatim duplication of our written material, even with attribution.

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Please note: These policies are subject to change. We reserve the right to add to or modify the current policies at any time and without notice.


Occasionally we use affiliate links in posts. We earn a (very small!) percentage of the purchase price from any product you click on and buy from one of our affiliates. The product price for you (the purchaser) will not be marked up or change in any way. Posts with affiliate links will be clearly noted in the interest of full transparency. No tricksters here! PLEASE NOTE that we ONLY promote products that we ourselves either: own and recommend OR would like to try. In other words, products that we think fit the nature and standards of both our blog and our home improvement projects. We are never compensated to feature anything that we would not use ourselves! By posting these links, we hope to share useful products that have helped us to design our home.

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