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A new (life) addition to our summer project plans

By on June 25, 2014

With this year half over already, we’ve been re-visiting and re-evaluating our earlier 2014 project plans and ideas. It’s been good to take a look at what we’ve accomplished so far and what’s left on our list. And since we need to balance any work we do on our house with other things going on in life, our project priorities can shift and evolve pretty quickly.

In fact, speaking of other things going on in life… we’ve got an exciting life project currently in the works right now. By the end of the summer, we’ll be adding a new baby to our family!

Our New Life Addition | Rather Square

We’re very excited – it’s been a busy, fun, crazy, and special time for us as we get ready to grow into a family of four!

And this life development is something that will obviously have a big impact on our house project priorities for the next couple of months. With a hard and fast baby deadline approaching (and with my own increasingly limited physical abilities), we’ve had to figure out ways to get things done in time for the baby’s arrival without burning ourselves out or neglecting other aspects of our lives. It’s a tricky balance, since it involves maximizing our available time and energy, staying within a budget, keeping our processes as simple and streamlined as possible, and still taking care of ourselves and the toddler (and the fetus!) – all at the same time.

So here’s our house project plans for the rest of the summer!

The Baby’s Bedroom

We haven’t done much work to our spare/third bedroom – soon to be the new baby’s bedroom – since we bought the house. We painted it when we moved in and had some asbestos issues in the the room’s heating duct addressed. But since then, it’s become a default storage space for various odds and ends, plus now some baby items we’ve brought out from storage. This room needs to be cleared out, pronto. Yikes!

Baby's Bedroom Before | Rather Square

Obviously, we need to prioritize finishing this room before the end of the summer. We’ve got some strong design ideas in the works – since we aren’t finding out if the baby is a boy or girl ahead of time, the room’s decor has to work for either. Here’s a moodboard we’ve been playing with, focusing loosely on a color palette of oranges, yellows, and cool neutrals:

Moodboard for Baby's Bedroom | Rather Square

A. Crib from the toddler’s room (we’ll be transitioning her to a “big kid bed”)
B. Wall paint color is Nimbus Gray by Benjamin Moore
C. Billy bookcase with a DIY fabric backboard (similar to our previous fabric panel project)
D. Our gray La-Z-Boy rocker recliner
E. Yellow chevron crib sheets
F. A fun and bright orange area rug

And you can see more of our inspiration for this room on Pinterest!

The Toddler’s Bedroom

We designed and set up the toddler’s bedroom pretty well last year when we moved in. It was painted in a pale green and we brought in and reused most of the furniture from her nursery in our previous rental apartment.

Painting Kid's Bedroom | Rather Square

Some of that furniture will be moving next door to the baby’s room, so we’ll be getting several new pieces for the toddler. But a few of her favorite bedroom items – like her area rug, lamp, and owl art – will be staying to ease her through this transition. We plan to retain the general color palette of this room (greens and oranges) with some warmer accents:

Moodboard for Toddler's Bedroom | Rather Square

A. Her round Fillsta orange lamp from Ikea
B. Billy bookcase (I’ll make a DIY fabric backboard for this too!)
C. Wall paint color is Urban Nature by Benjamin Moore
D. We’ll hang these owl prints that we bought when she was born
E. An extendable toddler/twin bed
F. Her favorite multi-color circle rug
G. Orange blanket for her new bed

These and other ideas can also be found on our Pinterest page.

The Bathroom

As you may have noticed, we’ve been doing a lot of work on our main bathroom lately as part of our budget bathroom update project. We’re almost done with this initial phase of DIY upgrades, so we do plan to finish up the few remaining tasks before the end of the summer. So far, we’ve caulked the tub and replaced the shower headpainted the walls, changed or fixed hardware, and added a window curtain.

Budget Bathroom Update: Painting | Rather Square

Budget Bathroom Update | Rather Square

John’s been putting in a new light fixture and sink faucet these last few weeks, so we’ll be posting about those soon! It’s exciting to see how much just a few little changes help make this space seem more modern.

Bathroom Budget Update: Faucet | Rather Square

We’d really like to replace the toilet (old) and the flooring (ugly) in this room as well, but realistically that won’t happen in time for the baby’s arrival. So we’re putting those tasks at the top of our post-newborn house project list.

The Office

Earlier this year, we had some pretty aggressive goals to finish our home office space (originally the house’s dining room). Our dads helped paint it when we first moved in, then we worked on an overall design plan and started cleaning out old paperwork and shredding it. We even bought a shelving unit and some baskets and bins for organizing.

Painting the Office | Rather Square

Designing our Home Office | Rather Square

Office Bins and Baskets | Rather Square

But our progress on this room stalled a bit this spring. Here’s what it looks like at the moment – functional, but not beautiful.

Paper Shredding | Rather Square

And once we started thinking about what we needed to prioritize before the baby’s arrival, the home office design project fell to the bottom of the list. So… we’re suspending work on this project for now. Most likely we’ll pick it up again early next year sometime. It can be hard to relegate lower-priority projects to the back burner, but being realistic about what we can accomplish while still enjoying our last weeks together as a family of three is the most important thing.

So those are our plans for this summer! Growing a little person and doing a lot of bedroom design. It will be cool to see how the kids’ rooms come together, and we’ll definitely keep you updated on their progress.

What are your summer plans? Working on your house or outdoor space? Relaxing at home? Going on vacation? Let us know in the comments!

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June 25, 2014

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